Seeking to join or collaborate with HABits Lab

The health problems our society face will not be solved by one lab, but rather by an entire research community, we realize this fact and welcome collaboration. If there is interest in passive sensing data analytics you may contact Prof. Nabil Alshurafa (information above).

At HABits Lab you will have exposure to faculty in the field of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and from the School of Medicine.

You will be surrounded by world-class faculty and students, and an environment that helps solve and identify health problems through passive sensing technology and data analytics.

Students that join our lab have the following qualities (if you have four or more of the following qualities then contact Prof. Nabil Alshurafa):

  • Passion for solving health problems and working with passive sensors. You’re always thinking about how to use passive sensing to mitigate existing health and behavioral problems.
  • Passion for programming. This drive keeps your gears turning late at night, and you find yourself wanting to stop talking with friends to come back and work in the lab. You keep tackling that bug or memory leak in your code to make sure you finish your project on time.
  • Strong work-ethic that gets things done. You take responsibility for your project/research.
  • Respectful of others for our time together. You always come to check-in meetings prepared with questions, and having documented everything you’ve worked on.
  • Organization, such that you document your code, and think and plan before implementing new ideas.
  • Engagement with students and faculty both in Medicine and Computer Science, without fear of asking questions.
  • Habit of reading and writing continually. As a researcher you love reading new papers, and recording and sharing your own findings. You’re always staying up to speed on the latest in passive sensing research.
  • Healthy obsession pointing to your dedication and investment in your work. You sleep dreaming about your data, how to solve your problems, and how to improve your results.
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