SenseEat: Public Dataset of Accelerometer and Gyroscope Data for Human Feeding Gesture Detection
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Recordings of 10 volunteers performing 18 feeding and non-feeding gestures while carrying a single wrist-worn watch with tri-axial accelerometer and gyroscope sensor on their dominant hand.

Data Set Characteristics: Multivariate, Time-Series Number of Instances: N/A Area: Machine Learning
Attribute Characteristics: N/A Sensors Accelerometer, Gyroscope Date Donated 06/21/2017
Associated Tasks: Classification, Clustering Missing Values? N/A Number of Downloads: N/A


HABits Lab

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Data Set Information

The Public Dataset of Accelerometer and Gyroscope Data for Human Feeding Gesture Detection is a public collection of labelled accelerometer and gyroscope data recordings to be used for the creation and validation of acceleration and gyroscope models of human feeding primitives. Three protocols/experiments are followed for collection of the data sets: inlab highly structured, inlab structured and inlab unstructured. Participants (10 in total, 1 female and 9 males, mean age=24.2 years) were requested to wear a wrist-worn sensor (Microsoft Band 2) on their dominant hand. A Logitech C615 HD webcam camera was placed on the side of the non-dominant hand in order to see the plate, both hands and the participants face. Three trained researchers are used to correctly label the video collected into feeding and non-feeding gestures. Chronoviz was used to label data. Accelerometer specifications are detailed in the file MANUAL.TXT inside the Dataset folder. Detailed documentation about the dataset is provided in the files README.TXT and MANUAL.TXT inside the Dataset folder.

Attribute Information

Each file in the dataset follows the following naming convention:

For inlabHiStr:
  • Time: Timestamp of the starting moment of the recording in the format [YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS]
  • Linear_Accel_x: Linear Acceleration in x-axis.
  • Linear_Accel_y: Linear Acceleration in y-axis.
  • Linear_Accel_z: Linear Acceleration in z-axis.
  • Angular_Velocity_x: Angular Velocity in x-axis.
  • Angular_Velocity_y: Angular Velocity in y-axis.
  • Angular_Velocity_z: Angular Velocity in z-axis.

For inlabStr and inlabUnstr:
  • StartTime: Start time of each activity.
  • EndTime: End time of each activity.
  • Annotation: Annotated activity.
  • MainCategory: Main activity corresponding to the annotated activity.