mHealth Course Objectives

This is a project-based course. Students study the fundamentals of a new emerging field Wireless and Mobile Health by studying research papers in this field, and by interacting and building systems and devices.

We study how to build and process passive sensing data in order to test and advance the limits of technology in understanding and improving people’s health behaviors. Students design and work on completing a project. Below are a few sample team projects.

Professor Nabil Alshurafa from EECS Department
Most Recent mHealth Class Projects
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Drowsy Driving

Recognizing drowsy driving through yawn and blink detection in a car-mounted webcam, powered by Raspberry Pi

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Mental health is an area of concern in the United States. It is estimated that 1 of 5 adults suffer from at least one mental illness.

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Leveraging the power of Microsoft Band 2 sensors and comedy we help you reduce your stress level

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An end-to-end solution consisting of a wearable sensing system, a smartphone-based gateway and an analytic engine.

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Smart Home

A system that collects data to identify activities of daily living and abnormal activities.

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Interactions: Doctor Patient Graph

A simple use case of our app is for detecting individuals at risk of possible infection spread.

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Be Happy

A way to detect loneliness through sensing

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Sleep monitoring

A Sleeping Monitor for Snoring Detection

9th Portfolio Thumb

Speed Eating

Hand to mouth gesture detection.

10th Portfolio Thumb

Body Image Myrror

Introducing Myrror, the device that seeks to revolutionize the prevention of eating disorders and overexercising.

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Are you Stressed Out (AYSO)

The website is currently not avaliable

12th Portfolio Thumb

Sleep Controller

Many of us today are finding it increasingly difficult to have good sleep when we want it.